Waterson Planetside 2 Outfit

The SET is Jaegerson's number one casual gaming group. Our average outfit age is in the high 20's, and we are constantly recruiting mature, skilled players to join us in liberating Auraxis.

Our goal is to provide positive momentum in every situation. Whether that means playing a key support role or rallying armor or air, a SET member is always a defining factor in their battle. Do you think you have what it takes?

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Ops Nights Get Your Game On

We currently have 2 major ops nights and one sporadic training op.

  • GAL-DROPS - Every Wednesday night at 9EST The SET holds quick-response infantry operations supported by squad-level air transport.
  • ALL NIGHT OPS - Friday nights are ANO nights! Bring your coffee and liquor.
  • CLINICS - Outfit clinics are held on Monday nights at 9EST for anyone that is interested in learning or sharing new techniques.

RESPECT Outfit Rules

  1. No team killing (for any reason). If you accidentally TK someone, apologize.
  2. No racism, sexism, or hate-spewing in general.
  3. No religious or political discussion. It's for your own good!

HAMM Hundred Active Member Model

The outfit is limited to a maximum of 100 members at any given time. This means as new recruits come in, the least active member is removed. Returning members who keep in touch (via facebook group or otherwise) can return at their will.

Minimum battle rank for recruitment into The Set is 30.

Application Recruiting and Promotions

We only recruit good humans. If you are seeking a promotion, be sure you know what your role will entail:

  • Managing Officer - Outfit owner/operators. The SET has two, an Executive Officer and a Technical Officer. The MO's handle application reviews and promotions, and will usually play the sub-role of “Platoon Manager” during operations.
  • Intelligence Officer (10) - HR team. Have the same outfit permissions as the MO’s and handle public relations through forums and social networks. They are also constantly on the lookout for talent, pointing them to our application.
  • Commanding Officer (10) - Squad leaders. These members are required to be friendly, but assertive leaders that help their squads adapt to situations and overcome the enemy.
  • Regulator - Our most active, loyal members.
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